• WISCloud 2.0


    Lựa chọn : Cloud miễn phí từ hãng Wisnetworks hoặc tự trang bị phần cứng controller


    WIS cloud 2.0 terminates the respective working approach of each access point and centrally completes the configuration and management for WisCloud APs. It would be much easier to monitor the massive devices and more efficient to maintain the enterprise networks.



    Load Balancing


    Wis cloud system is equipped with intelligent user load balancing, thus making the product either applicable to the sparsely populated rural condition or hi-density population city or large conference and exhibition and ensuring each AP to work in maximum efficiency to build a stable and permanent wireless network.


    Real-time Status



    Real-time statistics provide for network online APs /users signal and interference monitoring. For network history traffic record can be traced from 24hours to 30days.


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