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    AP Load Balancing (wifi cân bằng tải)


    Hệ thống cloud Controller hoặc phần cứng controller giúp các AP tự động chọn kênh và chia tải cho các AP lân cận. Điều này giúp hệ thống ổn định, đạt tốc độ cao, tránh bị nghẽn cục bộ



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    Wifi zero sense roaming Technology


    Fast Handover Roaming

    Zero Sense Roaming is a kind of WLAN optimization function for application of fast moving and seamless switching. Wisnetworks zero sense roaming technology can meet the needs of zero packet loss switching between AP for wireless stations/clients. Common application scenarios have public transport, driving school, mine tunnel communication and so on

    In the driving school test, one training car is driving in BST1 transmit area in time T0. The training car will send back video streaming to the monitoring center by BST1.


    As the vehicle moves from time TO - T1 the training car will gradually move overlapping BST1 and BST2. The vehicle station scans the SSID of BST2 and builds a backup link '2' with it. The signal of BST1 is stronger than BST2.

    As the training car moves from T1 to T2, it gradually moves away from BST1. The signal of BST1 gradually becomes weaker whist the signal at BS2 becomes stronger. The signal of BST1 is lower than the threshold of the vehicle terminal so the vehicle terminal will switch to link '3' to BST2 and link '2' will become the backup link. Until time T2 when the vehicle terminal will totally switch this link as link '4' for signal leaving BST1 coverage region.

    Traditional wireless roaming takes too long. Especially as voice and video struggle to tolerate lags and latency. Wisnetworks zero sense roaming takes a maximum of 50ms and can meet the needs of most voice and video transmission between base stations.


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    WiD TDMA Technology


    The WiD TDMA technology is a huge benefit and allows the scaling of many more clients than legacy 802.11 CSMA. This allows the access point to get up to 100 wireless users while still maintain reliable connections, even in noisy RF environment.

    In another hand, the 2*2 MIMO technology along with Gigabit LAN port would help provide maximum 210Mbps+ throughput, thus ensuring enough network bandwidth to every wireless clients



    1) Improves the network scalability in throughput and latency
    2) More than 100 users can be connected to the BST with smooth connection
    3) Avoid non-TDMA wifi signal interferences



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